We're feeling some kombucha vibes on this week's The Morning After. To start the episode, Jason Colucci takes a surprise call to talk Big Gulps, trans fats, and freedom. Later, Jason sits down with Eric and Jessica Childs of Kombucha Brooklyn. Hear about how Eric and Jessica met, why they decided to start a kombucha business, and who makes up their tenacious kombucha trio. Learn how to brew Kombucha at home! Have you ever wondered what SCOBY stands for? Find out from the Kombuchman himself! Later, Jason calls Jim Chu of Jo's on Elizabeth Street. Hear about some of the postcards being sent out of the restaurant, as well as the city-famous pork chop. This episode has been brought to you by Whole Foods.

"When you're out there talking to people and talking about something that's so positive and so good, it really amps you up. It's cyclical- you just pick up all the energy from all of these people. At the end of the day talking about kombucha, you are flying on cloud nine." --Jessica Childs on The Morning After