Jenn Tullock and Pam Stubbs are back hosting yet another episode of The Morning After! Tune in this week to hear Jenn recount a 'Front of House' New York City restaurant horror story. Later, Jenn and Pam talk with Aaron Sherman and Gianfranco Verga about their wine, spirit, and beer website, SevenFifty. Hear about the duo's initial interest in wine, and how it brought them together to form a a digital mega-list of wines from a myriad of distributors and producers. Hear about their innovations in the realm of wine tasting, and how you can compile all of your tasting notes online. Later, Jenn and Pam are joined by Brian Block, manager at Socarrat. Hear how Brian has enjoyed the transition from behind the bar to the floor, as well as his distaste of recent pretentious hipster cocktail revivalists. Hear Brian discuss his ideas on designing cocktails to match restaurant personalities, and why frozen drinks need to make a comeback. This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"In Florence, we met a lot of friendly people who introduced us to what it meant to have wine as a serious part of the culture and part of the meal- the thing that brought all of us to wine and restaurants in the first place." -- Aaron Sherman on The Morning After