Jessie Kiefer is on the mic for the first time on this week's episode of The Morning After! Jessie is joined by co-host Jenn Tullock, who shares another installment of the 'Front of House' segment. Hear about the importance of crumbing, and why you should never deny wine to an aging celebrity. Later, Jessie and Jenn talk with Kevin Mahan, the Managing Director at Gramery Tavern. Hear about the evolution of the restaurant over the last eighteen years, and why hospitality and service is top-notch in a city like New York. Jessie and Jenn also speak with David Trotta of Jack's Stir Brew. Learn about the innovative coffee and juicing technology used at the coffee shop. Sourcing has become ever-important in today's market; hear where Jack's Stir Brew gets its dairy, and how they create their coffee blends. David plays some live music accompanied by James Dalton on the mandolin. Check out David's band, Trotta and Ronstadt! Today's episode has been brought to you by The Heritage Meat Shop.

"I've never experienced anything like Gramercy Tavern - where you work so hard, and are treated so well." - Kevin Mahan on The Morning After

"When you french press, you stir the coffee. So he's thinking, 'Why is there no coffee maker that stirs while it brews?'" -- David Trotta on The Morning After