Jessie Kiefer and Jenn Tullock are back with another episode of The Morning After! David Trotta of Jack's Stir Brew relays another thrilling installment of the Front of House segment via The Morning After's famed Baroness. Later, Jessie and Jenn talk with John McCarthy: Beverage Director for Highlands Restaurant Group, cocktail guru, and bartender at Whitehall in the West Village. Hear how bartending joined in on food culture's spotlight, as well as some of the business's recent trends regarding bitters and infusions. Learn the traditional way to drink mezcal! John explains some of his signature cocktails, including his drink that won Edible Manhattan's Greak King Street Cocktail Competition, the McQueen. Later, Jessie and Jenn introduce a new segment about mythical 90s restaurant, Chardonnay's! This episode has been sponsored by Susty Party.

"Once we had celebrity chefs and everything became artisanal- that all moved to the bar."

"For the most part, if you have citrus in the drink, you're going to shake it. If it's just booze, you're going to stir it. You need to infuse and emulsify the citrus."

-- John McCarthy on The Morning After