On this week's episode of The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock are talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with several members of the food community. Jen speaks with Frank Winters, restaurant server and playwright, about how the storm affected his work and his upcoming theatre projects. Later, Mark Snyder and Darren Palace stop by from the Red Hook Winery to talk about the damage to their facility. Hear about the outpouring of support that Mark and Darren have received, and how it has brought them closer to their surrounding community. Learn why Red Hook Winery has decided not to take donations to help with the cleanup of their space! Later, Elizabeth Chubbuck, the Associate Director of Wholesale at Murray's Cheese, joins the show to talk about how Murray's dealt with Hurricane Sandy. Hear how Elizabeth and her team carried over 1,000 pounds of cheese out of their Bleecker Street location! How does an NYC institution like Murray's get back on its feet after days of losing business? Hear some of the awesome cheese and wine pairings at Chardonnay's! This episode has been brought to you by Fairway Market.

"It's the worst of times and the best of times in a certain way because the community has been pretty awesome. There have been forty people a day at the winery helping us clean up- people we've never met!" [20:50] -- Mary Snyder on The Morning After