This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock begin the episode by talking about Pete Wells' review on Guy Fieri's new restaurant, American Bar & Kitchen. Tune in to hear about the ethics of restaurant reviewing, and whether or not Mr. Wells went too far with his snark and his bite. Hear from Beau Rapier and Dan Weber of Flatiron Wines and Spirits later in the show. Learn about Dan and Beau's start at Uva in Williamsburg, and how that institution educated them in wine retail. Why did the duo decide to move to Manhattan? Tune in to hear their opinions about wine and the general public. What should the average wine drinker know about wine? Jen's mother calls in to talk about her new love for wine, and what she's going to be cooking for Thanksgiving! This episode has been brought to you by The Heritage Meat Shop.

"Even though Brooklyn is really hot and hip right now, there's a clientele in Manhattan that you will never have in Brooklyn." [16:00] -- Beau Rapier on The Morning After

"The thing that we take from Uva into Manhattan is the intense way that we taste wines... We take it intensely seriously; we taste every bottle of wine." [17:30] -- Dan Weber on The Morning After