Welcome to another installment of The Morning After! This week, Jessie Kiefer and Jenn Tullock start off the episode with a cheeky installment of the "Front of House" segment, and later are joined by Matthew Wang, the Director of Purchasing for Starr Restaurants. Tune in to hear Matthew talk about his various hospitality, service, and food work- and how those experiences prepared him for his job with Starr Restaurants. Hear how Starr's purchasing power has the ability to influence the Pennsylvania sustainable food market. Learn about the challenges of purchasing, and find out where to eat in Philadelphia! Later, Estelle Van Buren comes by to talk about the Banana Slicer, and why Chardonnay's is now using it at all locations. Today's program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"My core hospitality backbone comes from working for those guys (Hilton and Marriott) and I wouldn't replace it for anything. It's European-based, old school, and traditional. It's the core of everything we do." [15:10]

"We can affect a lot of change very quickly because we can move a lot product and help people grow some sustainable businesses very effectively." [19:30]

-- Matthew Wang on The Morning After