We're talking wine and hunting with some wonderful women on this week's episode of The Morning After! Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock welcome a packed house, and Jen announces her retirement from the restaurant world with a dramatic "Front of House" segment! Later, Jessie and Jen talk with Georgia Pelligrini about her books, Girl Hunter and Food Heroes, and the life of a woman hunter. Hear about Georgia's favorite game, and why cooking meat from wild animals is so challenging. Camille Riviere and Fleur Godart of Chasseuse de Vin stops by to talk about wine distribution! Hear how Camille has traveled in the name of natural wine, and why she decided to leave her cushy job for a life of adventure. Today's episode has been brought to you by Seersucker.

"It's all about having an intuitive relationship with your ingredients, which is really interesting with wild animals...each piece of meat is its own grand culinary adventure." [13:00] -- Georgia Pelligrini on The Morning After

"We really weed out a lot of stuff to bring out the essential and the pure." [32:45] -- Camille Riviere on The Morning After