Eamon Rockey, owner and GM of Aska, brings Scandinavian food to Williamsburg! This week on The Morning After, Eamon joins Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock in the studio to talk about the integrity of ingredients and traditional cooking. Hear how Eamon twists tradition and time to create truly unique food and beverages. Eamon believes in the importance of intention and attention in the kitchen; how does Eamon incorporate these ideas into Aska's tasting menu? Erin Fairbanks, Executive Director of the Heritage Radio Network and host of The Farm Report, is talking about Chardonnay's meat dishes. Tune in to hear what's on the menu at Chardonnay's at their Stockholm location! This program has been brought to you by The Greenhouse Tavern.

"I want to see something inspiring lead to a series of steps or experiments, that eventually leads to something beautiful." [13:00]

"We're not doing things to stand on a soapbox, we're doing them because it feels like the right thing to do." [20:00]

"If your goal is to meet expectations, it's very difficult to surpass them." [21:30]

-- Eamon Rockey on The Morning After