Learn about true Pinoy food and culture on this week's installment of The Morning After. Firstly, Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock call up Paul Grieco of Hearth & Terroir to talk about one of his past "Front of House" disasters. What happens when the bathroom floods at Gramercy Tavern? Later, Jessie & Jen chat with the team at Jeepney and Maharlika: Nicole Ponseca, Enzo Lim, and Noel Cruz. Learn how the crew got their start as a pop-up restaurant. What does 'modern Filipino' mean in culinary terms? Hear about Jeepney and Maharlika's plans for The Great Googa Mooga, and why your best friend should be Filipino. Later, hear a Planet Hollywood-inspired edition of "What's on the Menu at Chardonnay's?" This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press, and music has been brought to you by Idgy Dean.

"Modern Filipino to me means better ingredients, better presentation, but also a better front of house- taking care of our customers, a nice ambiance, and making it an experience." [15:00] -- Nicole Ponseca on The Morning After