Jessie Keifer and Jen Tullock are getting pretty meta on today's episode of The Morning After - food radio about food radio! Jessie and Jen invite Joy Wang, producer at WNYC, to the studio to talk about her segment on All Things Considered entitled "Last Chance Foods". Find out how Joy's slacker tendencies inspired the program, and how it serves as a reminder for fresh produce junkies. What has Joy learned about different topics like iced coffee and eel fishing through producing the show? Later, Jessie and Jen play selections from their trip to the New York State Food & Beer Expo with HRN's own Jimmy Carbone! Hear from breweries like Empire Brewing Co., Rockaway Brewing Co., and Rushing Duck! When gay marriage is finally legalized in Russia, what will be on the Chardonnay's catering menu? Tune in to find out! Thanks to our sponsor, Rolling Press. Thanks to Dead Stars for today's music.

"I thought it would help my life and other people's lives to make a program that let people know when foods were about to go out of season." [13:15]

-- Joy Y. Wang on The Morning After