Another great episode of The Morning After this week! After speaking with us on the FOH, Jessie Keifer and Jen Tullock are here to talk with Ann Redding and Matt Danzer of Uncle Boons restaurant in New York City. A Thai rotisserie and grill restaurant in Nolita, NYC, Uncle Boons focuses on Thai style drinking food - also known as Ahaan Kap Klaem. After years of cooking in fine dining restaurants, owners Matt Danzer and Ann Redding now share the kitchen at Uncle Boon's as co-chefs. The restaurant is named after Ann's real life Uncle Boon but is inspired by her entire family in Thailand. The menu features family recipes and is a collection of the couples favorite dishes-from traditional peasant food to delicacies prepared for the royal family. Wondering how the Asian food scene is growing and rapidly changing in New York City? Tune-in to find out from a great restaurant in Uncle Boons! Thanks to our sponsor, BluePrint Cleanse. Also thanks to Cookies for today's music.

"It's just food we've grown up with, we've switched some things here and there, but it's pretty traditional in terms of flavor profile." [17:10]

--Ann Redding on The Morning After