Listen to some beautiful music and grab a bottle of your favorite hot sauce! This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock share a drunken "Front of House" story, and invite Tiffany Topot and Claire Wellin of Glad Fanny into the studio to play some tunes! Hear where you can catch Tiffany and Claire with the touring musical Once! Later, Jessie plays an interview with Johnny McLaughlin from Smorgasburg. Johnny is dedicated to creating hot, flavorful pepper sauces with Heartbreaking Dawns. Hear about the literary references used to name Johnny's sauces. What are the hottest peppers in the world, and how does Johnny use those peppers' flavors and heat to create something culinarily interesting? Looking to get slim for that wedding dress? Tune into this week's episode to hear the Bridezilla edition of "What's on the Menu at Chardonnay's?" Thanks to our sponsor, BluePrint Cleanse. Thanks to Idgy Dean for today's break music!

"My wife and I were obsessed with growing hot peppers. We had a garden, and we grew peppers and put them into sauces... We had no idea that it would become a business. We just wanted to make it look like something that came off the shelf, and we gave them to our friends." [13:00]

"Our initial market is the world of chile-heads." [17:20]

-- Johnny McLaughlin on The Morning After