Claire Paparazzo is making wine accessible to everyone through her show Wine If You Want To! This week on The Morning After, Jen Tullock sits down with Claire to talk about the intersection between wine and performance. Hear why Claire has decided to undertake her own creative project involving wine. Why does the wine world seem like such and exclusive club, and how does Claire aim to break those traditional barriers and turn everyone into wine enthusiasts? Hear about the artistry and full-sensory experience involved with tasting wine! Find out how West Coast wineries differ in ideology from other wine regions across the world. Later, hear Jen and Claire discuss bad wines for even worse occasions on this week's installment of "What's on the Menu at Chardonnay's?" Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Music provided by EULA.

"I want to make my wine experience media-worthy." [13:40]

"Wine is looked at as being elitist. And it is not! It is something that is friendly and can bridge the gap." [15:20]

"Wine is ever-changing, so you can never have the same experience twice." [25:45]

-- Claire Paparazzo on The Morning After