The Morning After celebrates the second year of Sherryfest with Peter Liem and Rosemary Gray! Jessie Kiefer is back for this week's episode, and she recaps her Greek education with Jen Tullock with another "Front of House" installment. Later, hear discussions with Peter and Rosemary about the origins of Sherryfest, and why the wine is so misunderstood in American dining culture. How has Sherryfest expanded since its humble beginnings last year? Find out why sherry is a great wine to pair with food, and why Peter and Rosemary don't believe it necessarily needs to be paired with Spanish cuisine. In anticipation of her upcoming wedding and an inevitable run-in with her Southern relatives, Jen plays an old edition of "What's on the Menu at Chardonnay's?" that celebrates the best of family barbecues. Tune in for another great episode of The Morning After! This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market. Music provided by Shadowbox.

"We both wanted to raise awareness about sherry and drink these wines that we think are cool- and that's about it... People don't know a lot about sherry." [13:50]

-- Rosemary Gray on The Morning After

"When you pair sherry together with food, it can become magical." [17:40]

-- Peter Liem on The Morning After