This week on The Morning After, host Sari Kamin brings in co-host Amanda Cargill. They start off the show discussing how the recent Velveeta shortage is affecting America, as well as how Kraft is dealing with the issue. The hosts welcome Drive Change founder Jordyn Lexton to the show, and they discuss the recent buzz over Alinea's Chef Grant Achatz's tweet which called out parents who bring their loud children to high end restaurants. After the break, Jordyn tells us about the Drive Change program and how it benefits youths with criminal records. This program has been sponsored by Regional Access.



"If they noticed this shortage and decided to turn it into a campaign right before the Super Bowl, I think that that is really really smart. Or if they decided to try and create this fake shortage to get people anxious and get their Velveeta when they can, that also was a genius move." [11:15]

Jordyn Lexton on The Morning After