This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy talks with Ben Neidhart of OEC Brewing, Michael Opalenski and George Flickinger of B. United International, and Gavin Murphy from Beer Table. Ben discusses the traditions and mysticism that have inspired OEC from its start as well as the “old school” system he operates, which includes a Beaudelot Chiller. He also explains the importance of balance in brewing sours and lets drinkers know what they can expect next from the orchards at OEC. The group shares memories of time spent at OEC in Oxford, CT  and talks about the virtues of vintage beer while sipping on OEC’s Coolship Black Lager.


Grimm Artisanal Ales, Invisible Touch Lager

OEC Brewing, Æther Dry Hopped Sour Ale

OEC Brewing, Coolship Lager Americana

OEC Brewing, Coolship Lager Black

OEC Brewing, Coolship, Coolship Lager

OEC Brewing, Oudilis Cerasus 2016 Vintage

Photo Courtesy of Furman Foto

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