This week The Naturalist gets real about evolution. Did you know that on an international scale that the U.S. only stands above Turkey with only 40% of our entire population believing in evolution? With the help of friend and director of the Hudson River Audobon Society, Saul Scheinbach, host Bernie Wides shines a scientific light on why Americans and people around the world are still uncomfortable about evolution and yet how Darwin's theory is continuing to be proven true 150 years later. Learn what exactly the terms theory, species, natural selection mean as well as the differences between allopatric and simpatric speciation.
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"In the United States 40% think evolution is true, 40% think its false, and 20% say they don't know."

"There is nothing in biology that we see that is outside of [Darwin's] theory and it's been 150 years since he has published it."

"In many ways [humans] are not special and that is why so many people resist Darwin's theory"

"In Darwin's theory of natural selection God had no place at all and that's why he sat on his theories for so long."

"Chance plays a big role in evolution and that's why people don't like the idea of evolution."

Saul Scheinbach on The Naturalist