This week The Naturalist's own Carol Butler returns from a trip the Galapagos and brings back for Heritage Radio a wonderful 2-part program. On this first episode learn about the geology, formation, and history of these islands as first made famous by evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin. From mapping of the islands by Darwin on his trusty ship, the Beagle, to how islands and volcanoes are created through tectonic shifts, this episode is sure to enlighten even the most knowledgeable listener, so tune in! This episode is sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"There is a current called the Humboldt Current which comes up from Antarctica and brings cold water up to the Galapagos . . .and it changes the whole condition of the Galapagos and affects the surface waters which become too cold to evaporate . . and ultimately causes drought."

--Bernie Wides on The Naturalist