Some of the people that have been a part of the Good Food movement from the very beginning join us to talk about where the organization started and where it's going next (2020 is the 10 Year Anniversary of the Good Food Foundation).

Brian Kenny of Hearst Ranch kicks us off with his hot take of the Good Food Mercantile and speaks to the importance of passion in building a small food business, but also the strategies involved with pricing your product effectively and reaching economies of scale.

We're thrilled to welcome long-time supporters of HRN, the women behind Cowgirl Creamery! Sue Conley, Amanda Parker, and Peggy Smith sit down to reflect on the early days of Good Food and talk about the growth of their cheese-making business, which is favorite among many in the Bay Area.

Finally, we host a conversation between Louisa Conrad of Big Picture Farm (a small goat dairy in Southern Vermont that makes goats' milk caramels) and Luke Schmueker of Shacksbury Cider. Louisa talks about the unique ethos of Big Picture Farm, such as the reason why their goats live in their family units for their full lifespan, why they chose to self-distribute their caramels, and what's in store for visitors to the farm!

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