"The Runcible Spoon" is a food zine for the imaginative. In this interview, Nathaniel Coburn calls up Malaka Gharib, the creator of the publication to talk recipes, unfortunate cooking mistakes, and zine culture. Malaka has been making zines since she was fourteen years old; what initially attracted her to the medium? Hear about the number of food zines in the ether, and find out more about "The Runcible Spoon's" content. What's the zine scene like in Washington D.C.? Learn more about the DIY ethics of zine-making, and how self-promotion is often seen as antithetical to the cause. Hear Malaka talk about her upcoming, crowd-sourced event at the Brooklyn Zine Fest! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"Having your own zine is a great way to build a community for yourself and to find other like-minded people." [7:20] -- Malaka Gharib, The Runcible Spoon