Meet Kenta Goto, guest on this week's episode of Japan Eats, hosted by Akiko Katayama.  Kenta is the mastermind behind the newly opened Japanese-American bar, Bar Goto, located in the Lower East Side of New York City. Talking the differences between the American and Japanese bar scenes, and what makes the fusion of the two a unique experience at Bar Goto, Kenta shares his own brand of creativity when it comes to serving the best some of the cocktails in the city.  Does freshly chipped ice make for a better martini? What's on the menu at Bar Goto? Tune in for the delectable answers!

"There's a huge difference between the Japanese bar scene and American bar scene... in the states we make tips, bartenders in Japan are based on salary." [11:00]

"The concept is good cocktails and comfort Japanese food." [25:50]

--Kenta Goto on Japan Eats