Our relationships with our parents are fraught with complication. There is just too much – for better or for worse – we can inherit from them. Even if they're ceaselessly loving. Even if they're largely absent from our lives. Even if we resist.

On today's show – the first of our five-week exploration of familial love– we welcome author James Rebanks of The Shepherd's Life and The Shepherd's View. Recently in town from the UK, Jacqueline met up with him in a Lower East Side park to ask him five questions about the tough realities of living as a shepherd in the northwest corner of England. What they've taught him about love for his land, love for his work, and for the father and grandfather who had been working that same job on that same land before him. What he expresses eloquently gets at the heart of what we're pondering as we study how we love our grandfathers and fathers in this episode. Have a listen, and then call someone you love.

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