Drink a sour beer and tune into a brand new episode of Beer Sessions Radio!. Jimmy’s got a big group of guests including guest co-host Stephen Valand of Brooklyn Brew Shop, BR Royla of Shelton Brothers Imports, Kerry McLean, events manager at Jolly Pumpkin/Northern United Brewing Co, Crimson Krier-Glading and Steven Baird of Mission Dolores & The Owl Farm and Robert Sherrill of Brewminaries Homebrew Club. They’re talking sour, imports and more on a jam-packed episode of the best beer podcast in the world! This program was brought to you by Union Beer

“It’s incredible to see how far sour beer has come and how people have accepted it.” [09:00]

–Stephen Valand on Beer Sessions Radio

“Education is going a really long way as far as sour beers are concerned.” [17:00]

–Crimson Krier-Glading on Beer Sessions Radio