This week on The Speakeasy, host Damon Boelte speaks with bartender Garret Richard of Monkey Bar about Tiki culture, frozen cocktails, and the upcoming Brooklyn Tiki Luau! Garret Richard is currently set to work at the Brooklyn Luau at RES, a new space opened by The Franks. He has also participated in the Remixology Bartender Challenge, in which he has won the contest with his drink titled, "Guerolito," which takes inspiration from the flavors of Mexican street vendors. Also learn how Garret utilizes the frozen drink machine to create amazing cocktails with ingredients that normally do not pair well together, and what inspires Garret to continue experimenting. In the studio he also creates his signature House Mai Tai, which will be available at the RES Tiki Luau on July 27th. Tune-in find out more about Tiki cocktails, the Tiki Luau at RES, and of course the bartender himself. Congratulations once again to Damon's 100th show (which aired two weeks ago). This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press. Thanks to Brothers NYC for today's music.

"It's nice to be forced to be creative in some way." [12:00]

"One of my first bar experiences was going to the Tiki Tea - the texture you get from that drink is amazing." [24:30]

-- Garret Richard on The Speakeasy