Chaim Dauermann is in the studio for today's episode of The Speakeasy! Chaim is the beverage director at Desnuda in Williamsburg, as well as a bartender at Gin Palace NY, and a professional drinker (of course). This episode goes in depth into how Chaim dived into the world of alcohol, cocktails, and bartending. At the early age of 19, he quickly became interested in beer and bourbon, and with no guidance, went to bartending school at the age of 21. Although an odd experience, he moved to New York City, and went on to pursue a career in the industry. He also found work at Hudson Bar and Books, which is where he learned more about the social aspect of bartending, and appreciating a finely made cocktail. As Beverage Director at Desnuda, he continues to bring his inspiration to the South American Cevicheria, by utilizing fresh and dried peppers, chilis, and spices. Wondering how to put some heat into your drink? Tune-in to this week's episode to hear from Chaim Dauermann, and find out more! This program has been sponsored by Blue Print Cleanse.

"It took a long time before I was making cocktails." [9:30]

"We have two bars at Desnuda. Everything I do is with whatever equipment I have on my counter." [28:10]

-- Chain Dauermann on The Speakeasy