On today's episode of The Speakeasy, host Damon Boelte speaks with Colin Spoelman, distiller at Kings County Distillery, and author of the latest book, Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining. Colin talks about starting his business, from distilling moonshine in his own apartment, to scaling and growing a business. Later, Colin talks about the history of distilling, with the first distillers in Staten Island, and immigrants who came from Ireland to make barrels of whiskey on Vinegar Hill. Find out more about the book, moonshine, and distilling today! This program has been sponsored by Brooklyn Slate. Thanks to The Raunch Hands for today's music.


"I didn't set out to start a craft distillery, I just wanted to make moonshine, and this led into this hobby." [7:10]

-- Colin Spoelman on The Speakeasy