Extra Fancy has quickly become one of the most beloved bars in Brooklyn by bartenders and laymen alike. This week on The Speakeasy, Damon Boelte invites Rob Krueger into the studio to talk about the inspiration for the bar. Why did Rob deviate from the speakeasy style to make an open but cozy space? Tune into this episode to hear Damon and Rob talk about the phenomenon of guest bartending, and why the new cocktail movement has allowed the trend to catch on. How have guest bartenders taught Damon and Rob different techniques and bar layout? Should the government tax tips to bartenders? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of The Speakeasy! This program has been brought to you by Regional Access. Music by Dead Stars.

"Guest bartending is like theatre- every night you're producing what you put on." [22:00]

"When you work with a professional who has another system, you get to see their method clearly." [25:35]

-- Rob Krueger on The Speakeasy