The Catskill Provisions Honey Whiskey is the result of a collaboration between two small-batch New York producers. This week on The Speakeasy, Damon Boelte talks with Claire Marin from Catskill Provisions about the origins of her company, and how she linked up with Finger Lakes Distilling in order to produce a tasty honey whiskey using local ingredients! Tune in to hear Claire talk about her experiences keeping bees, and why the process can be so emotional. How does Claire's honey whiskey stack up against the larger brands? Find out what cocktails are enhanced by the collaboration whiskey only on this week's edition of The Speakeasy! This program has been brought to you by Many Kitchens. Music by Pamela Royal.


"The collaboration thing doesn't happen at a larger scale. It's faceless." [14:45]

-- Claire Marin on The Speakeasy