Bartenders and cocktail nerds, pay attention! New World Spirits has introduced a new base spirit called Solbeso, made from the fermented fresh juice of the cacao fruit. Solbeso is certainly a landmark in the spirits industry; it is believed to be the first new category of spirit to be introduced in approximately two hundred years. But perhaps more important than its role behind the bar is Solbeso's agricultural considerations. We spoke with Clay Gordon, Culinary Ambassador for New World Spirits and founder of, about the sustainable practices involved with the production of Solbeso. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Music provided by Brothers NYC.


"The techniques that we use to collect the juice are different from country to country, and different from region to region." [9:55]

"One thing that's really interesting about Solbeso is that it opens up when you add water or ice." [31:30]

Clay Gordon on The Speakeasy.