Beloved bartender and inventive ice-man Zach Gelnaw-Rubin is this week's guest on THe Speakeasy! He's behind the bar at Dutch Kills and Attaboy and helps run Hundredweight, the first company of its kind, supplying New York City with the highest quality ice specifically for use in craft cocktails. Their cubes, spears, spheres and punch blocks are all cut from 300 pound blocks of crystal-clear, totally pure ice, and lend a new level of quality and aesthetic to cocktails. Tune in and find out why ice matters more than you might realize and how Zach got the idea off the ground. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"Four, five years ago - you didn't have to make a choice about ice because there was no choice." [10:00]

"More and more bars are opening up that are regular environment bars that are also serving high level drinks." [13:00]

--Zach Gelnaw-Rubin on The Speakeasy