On the year-end episode of The Speakeasy, Damon Boelte is joined by Allen Katz and Nate Dumas, partners in the New York Distilling Company. Tune in to hear how the distillery went from fantasy to reality and what the guys have in store for 2012. Find out how they are re-imagining gin and trying to introduce some fresh idea into the world of spirits. Learn more about The Shanty, a bar inside of the distillery, and listen in as the guys taste some gin on-air. This episode was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

"People are now starting to accept the fact that bartenders take their job seriously"

--Allen Katz on The Speakeasy

"We're not setting out to open another classic cocktail bar...I want people to feel completely comfortable coming in to order a beer and a shot"

--Nate Dumas on The Speakeasy