What is Pisco? You may not know right now, but tune in to an informative episode of The Speakeasy with Damon Boelte to find out! Damon chats with Saul Ranella of La Mer Cebichera who teaches listeners about the history of the long forgotten Peruvian brandy and explains how it can help the modern bartender or cocktail enthusiast today. From its gold rush roots to its current revival, learn something new about an old classic. This episode was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"Many regional alcohol traditions [such as Pisco] were lost through Prohibition."

"Visually, customers judge where they will go with Pisco. I like to give people a taste before and put their nose into a glass. You can literally sit there and dissect it for 10 minutes just on what you're getting from the smell."

"I see Pisco Porton taking Pisco into the 21st century."

--Saul Ranella of La Mar on The Speakeasy