We talk to Enrique Olvera and his partner Santiago Gomez of the creative Mexican spot COSME, likely the most hotly-anticipated opening of 2015. Enrique was one of the first to really celebrate the cuisine of the Republic, giving it fine dining refinement and flair at his flagship Pujol in Mexico City, considered one of the top 20 restaurants in the world. We snapshot this moment in Mexican cuisine in America—find out from the world-renowned Enrique and former banker Santiago about they met and how Cosme came to be, early critic reactions after a harrowing NYC opening—and nutty international travel schedules…love fear business and pleasure as usual on WORD OF MOUTH.


At the top of the shop, we go to the Greenmarket to catch the last of the Concord grapes with chef Alex Stupak of the Empellon empire—he and Enrique happen to be dear friends, so we thought this would be a lovely surprise. To #WINEeddown, Santiago brings us a bottle for a mid-afternoon Mexican wine 101 and in-studio tasting. Connect with us on your fav social media @leitihsu #WOMshow facebook.com/WOMshow