On an informative and conversational episode of The Speakeasy, Damon Boelte is joined by friend and fellow bartender Aaron Polsky or Neta and Amor & Amargo. Damon and Aaron talk shop and discuss classic cocktail variations and the use of lower ABV spirits including Soju and Sherry. How can cocktails and food live in harmony? What does it mean to mess around with classic cocktail formats? Tune in for a great conversation on interesting drinks, customized bars and innovative bartending. This program was sponsored by Heritage Meat Shop.

"At Neta it's important for us to create drinks that go with food. The great thing about Soju is that its a distillate that has 25% alcohol. You can make cocktails [with Soju] that are significantly lower in ABV and go better with food."

"If you're a bar - stand behind what you are and what you do!"

"Nobody knows the drinks better than the bar staff and nobody knows the food better than the chef. Why not work very closely together to make that ideal relationship between the two?"

--bartender Aaron Polsky on The Speakeasy