This afternoon on The Speakeasy, host Damon Boelte is joined by Jan Warren, the head bartender at Dutch Kills Bar and the co-host of the web series Animals Eating Animals. Jan talks about his experiences working as a bartender and server and the relationship between patrons and those working in the restaurant. Hear how Jan spends his days off exploring the city for the best food and drink by bicycle and the wild foods he's come across in the search. Tune in as Jan talks about American food culture and really taking advantage of the culinary opportunities in New York City. Whether you're interested in mixology or culinary tourism there's something for everyone to take away. This program was sponsored by Heritage Meat Shop.


"Each bar station is a one man kitchen. That's good I think, because it allows you to work independently." [06:12]

"If you don't have the confidence to be behind the bar - you shouldn't be behind the bar." [07:20]

"There's no dearth of wonderment and beauty in the restaurant and bar industry in New York City. This is the best city on the planet." [13:57]

"For an American who grew up in this [culinary] culture - nothing is stranger than eating balls." [22:40]


--Jan Warren, Head Bartender at Dutch Kills on The Speakeasy