Today, Damon Boelte is celebrating the 79th anniversary of the repeal of the 18th Amendment, and his two year anniversary on Heritage Radio Network! Joining Damon in the studio is Garret Richard, also of Prime Meats in Brooklyn, New York. Tune in to hear Damon and Garret talk about some Prohibition history, and how it affected to social landscape of cities like New York and Chicago. Later, Damon and Garret talk about modern faux-Speakeasy style bars, and how they helped to revive certain cocktail styles. How did soda fountains affect the evolution of tiki drinks? Learn about World War II's influence on American bar culture! This episode has been sponsored by Roberta's.

"Any problem anyone had with American society, the Anti-Saloon League had an answer to, and it had to do with getting rid of alcohol." [4:00]

"During Prohibition, you didn't have access to alcohol if you wanted to do illegal mixology projects, so I think soda fountains took that in a really unique and nice direction." [21:00]

-- Garret Richard on The Speakeasy