It's The Speakeasy Cripple Creek Holiday Spectacular!!! By that, we mean Damon Boelte, Aaron Polsky and Mike O'Rourke are hanging out, drinking bourbon and talking shop. Cripple Creek is a pop up bar by Damon & Aaron's - it's their vision of the marriage between rock concert and cocktail bar. The menu looks like a set list, the drinks come in plastic cups and the music is loud. Make no mistake, we're talking about the high-end forward thinking cocktails that these guys are known for. Re-imagine classy drinks on another raucous episode of The Speakeasy. This program was sponsored by Roberta's Pizza.

"We're rock n roll dudes - we wanted [Cripple Creek] to be more about the drinks and shared experiences with your frieds...getting drunk, having fun and getting sweaty." [03:00]

"As long as you have plumbing and ice you can do whatever you want." [11:00]

--Aaron Polsky on The Speakeasy