Damon Boelte is back and so is The Speakeasy! On the first episode of 2013, Damon is hanging out with friend and fellow bartender J Rosser Lomax, of a brand new NYC bar called "The Third Man". Tune in and hear them talk shop and defend the integrity of Platinum Buds. How do restrictions help bar programs? How can bartenders make bitter classic drinks accessible to all? Hear about all of the crazy concoctions J Rosser Lomax has come up with, including Champagne-backs and tons of other crazy ideas. As always, aspiring bartenders and drink enthusiasts will have plenty to walk away with from this one. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch

"Creativity and restrictions like each other much more than people think." 07:00

"America created the cocktail because we were making really bootleg whiskey and had to do something with it." 12:00

--J Rosser Lomax of The Third Man on The Speakeasy