Who's in the mood for whiskey? Tune into the Speakeasy and hear from "master blender" Nicole Austin from Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn. Find out how the small distillery has evolved over the past few years, and learn what exactly a master blender does. Learn about corn whiskey and what makes it different than other spirits and why when it comes to barels size does matter. Small barel distillation is a trickier task, but it makes for some absolutely delicious product. Learn all about small batch whisky on a boozy episode of The Speakeasy. This program was sponsored by Greenhouse Tavern.

"I have every intention of sticking with small barels. I'm not trying to out-Jim Bean Jim Bean." [09:00]

"Designing a still is the wheelhouse of chemical engineering." [18:00]

--Nicole Austin of Kings County Distillery on The Speakeasy