Nico de Soto has traveled the world in the name of cocktails. This week on The Speakeasy, Damon Boelte invites Nico into the studio to talk about his positions as Bar Manager and General Manager at The Experimental Cocktail Club in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Find out how Nico's South American trip has influenced his creative juices. Hear about the small menu at The Experimental Cocktail Club, and why Nico does not include classics on his list. Find out how flash infusions, carbonation, and rotovaps have changed the cocktail landscape. How important is presentation when serving a cocktail, and how does Nico use nontraditional glassware at the bar? Later, Nico and Damon talk about the overlapping worlds of bartending and cooking! This program has been sponsored by Catskill Provisions.

"I approach drinks like cuisine. I try to marry ingredients that wouldn't be obvious." [6:05] -- Nico de Soto on The Speakeasy