Giuseppe Gonzalez joins Damon Boelte for a raunchy, raw and real episode of The Speakeasy. Giuseppe was the head bartender at Julie Reiner's well-known Flatiron Lounge and her more recent Brooklyn endeavor, Clover Club. Gonzalez also worked as lead barman at Sasha Petraske's project in Long Island City, Dutch Kills, where he mixed classically-based cocktails in 19th century saloon-style digs. Since then, he's opened Painkiller, one of the best tiki bars in the country, and plans on opening Golden Cadillac in the East Village soon. Tune in for some honest insights into what it takes to open a bar in New York City and listen in for a special studio bomb from Steve Schneider. This program was sponsored by Roberta's

"My dream bar is a shitty bar. It's a bar that was made by people without contractors, architects or designers." [07:00]

"You should not be invested in what a guest drinks. You should not care. There should be a certain degree of creativity and ownership - but long story short - if somebody wants a vodka soda and bitters don't try to sell them an Old Fashioned. What people drink is personal and what they need at the time." [18:00]

--Giuseppe Gonzalez on The Speakeasy