Booker & Dax is like a mad scientists lab... just with more booze. On today's episode of The Speakeasy, hang out with Damon Boelte as he chats with bartender at Booker & Dax, Tristan Willey. Hear how he got into this scientific style of bartending and why the tools used at Booker & Dax are not at all for show. Hot drinks, savory cocktails and crazy infusions are all part of the formula at Booker & Dax - and if you weren't craving a cocktail before this show, you will be by the end of it. Tune in and get the low down on the trendsetting and high quality ways of Booker & Dax. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Music provided courtesy of Knifeshow.

"The ideas of tools we use [at Booker & Dax] are basic - though the equipment is complicated can cause advanced issues. The way we view it as as simple as can be - we're not pulling anything that's exotic or foreign - it's just a cleaner way to get to an end result." [05:00]

"I would never make a daiquiri with clarified lime juice. There's a time and place for clarifications." [13:00]

--Tristan Willey of Booker & Dax on The Speakeasy