Same spot, new look! This week on The Speakeasy, Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy drop by to talk with host Damon Boelte about their new bar, Attaboy. The two took over the former location of Lower East Side staple, Milk and Honey. Find out what it takes to open your own bar, and what they've changed to make the spot their own. What's stayed the same since the bar opened a month ago? Classic cocktails. Hear Damon, Sam and Michael debate the value of a cocktail menu. Does a lack of menus make things more personal between a bartender and a customer, or more confusing? Without a menu, the duo talks about serving guests personalized drinks in "courses" - whether it's with citrus or, even, an egg. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures

"Those couple months we were closed during the renovations, hours were changed significantly from being bartender for 14 odd-years getting up around midday, on an early miday and then getting home until 5 to just to change, getting and being there at 9 o'clock, making sure the contractors were on top of their game, making those phone calls, did you know business hours close at 5 p.m.?"

"Those few months we were closed I was just craving getting back behind the bar and we're doing that in our own space."

--Sam Ross of Attaboy on The Speakeasy