As a native New Yorker, Charles Hardwick has seen how the city's biggest juice joints have changed over the years. On this episode of The Speakeasy, Hardwick looks back with host Damon Boelte on his beginning years as a bartender. Learn what used to pass as a margarita and how the renaissance in the mixing world came to pass. What hasn't changed is the role of the bartender. Hear what Hardwick has to say about how bartenders double as hosts and servers, and the "rules of engagement" that come with the gig. Hardwick later translated this knowledge into a career consulting for brands and used it to establish relationships with bars. Today's program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch. The music was provided by Herbert Spliffington.


"I also noticed that guests treated the bartender which much more respect and there was a different dynamic there." [6:47]

"At ACME, Lemon X in a big jug, that was a margarita." [9:04]

"The drinks are an accessory to the experience." [12:40]

"People are saying, 'I dreamed of being a bartender' and I'm floored by that." [6:02]

"I'd rather someone be slightly surly, but in a witty way, but still being true to themselves, but caring about what they do like a french waiter." [13:56]

-- Charles Hardwick on The Speakeasy