It's time for another Cripple Creek! After two smashing nights at Lit Lounge in December of 2012, Cripple Creek is kicking off their first North American tour at Webster Hall, bringing with them their cutting edge cocktails and rock and roll stage show. Aaron Polsky, Damon Boelte, Mayur Subbarao, and Michael O'Rourke have come together to create some of the world's most hedonistic, expressive cocktails with, in their own words, "compelling flavors that everyone can relate to". Tune in for a special preview for the event as Damon chats with Aaron and Mayur about drinks, performance and rock & roll. This program was sponsored by Chefs Steps. Today's break music provided courtesy of Kntrlr.


"You don't go to a bar just to sit and have a particular drink. In reality, the setting and the context really matter. The major thing we get to do here is create our own setting and context in a way that keeps people actually focused and is much more like performance." [02:30]

--Mayur Subbarao on The Speakeasy