This week's episode of The Speakeasy pairs us once again with Steve Schneider, bartender at West Village watering hole, Employees Only. Today he joins us to talk about the documentary film "Hey Bartender," in which he is the main subject, and displaying an ode to the cocktail culture that has swept New York City within the past decade. He also talks about his entry into the bartending world, and offers advice to bartenders who are looking to continue working in the industry today. Lastly, Steve gives us his latest updates, including his future career plans to own future bars around the world. This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch. Thanks to knifeshow for the music during today's show.

"You have to be focused and if your mind is not in it, you can't do it."

"There's always something to do - that's how to always stay creative."

-- Steve Schneider on The Speakeasy