The excitement of Cider Week NYC continues. Jenn Smith, Eleanor Leger, Kyle Sherrer, Gidon Coll, and Ron Sansone stay in the studio to continue their conversation about the trajectory of the cider industry, cider’s variation across regions, and cider’s role in the food and agriculture sector. Reverend Nat calls in from Portland Oregon. He recognizes how unique Portland’s cider scene is but has a clear message for the industry at large: ‘Educate, educate, educate!’ This will be made possible by new organizations like CINA: the Cider Institute of North America. Nick Gunn, the co-founder of Cider Con calls in to tell us more about it. In the meantime the question remains: what is the market ready for and what path will this developing industry follow? Check out “The State of Cider” Parts 1 and 2 on Beer Sessions Radio.