This week, Jimmy talks homebrewing with Jeff Lyons of Keg & Lantern Brewing, Brett Taylor of Wild East Brewing, and John Lapolla of Bitter and Esters. Hear their thoughts on what makes the homebrewing scene in New York City different, how homebrew shops have changed over time, and the best way to talk to a homebrewer when you don't like their beer.

Beer List: Keg & Lantern's The Other Way of Stopping Keg & Lantern's Saphir Pils Hornindal Citra

Homebrewing, Jeff Lyons, Brett Taylor, John Lapolla, Bitter and Esters, Wild East Brewing, Keg & Lantern, The Other Way of Stopping, Saphir Pils, Hornindal Citra, Jimmy Carbone, Beer Sessions Radio.

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