Pondering why you're single? Well, you could peruse the Self Help section of Barnes and Noble (if you can find one still standing), spending your hard-earned dough on stacks of weepy books about how you've gotta Get Out There, Girl! or why life is really better without a mate. Or..... you could laugh it off. Which is what Angela Spera and Laura Lane want you to do by seeing their sketch show, reading their book, or listening to their podcast. So this week, we've got the THIS IS WHY YOU'RE SINGLE team on to chat about how neither of them is single, what they've learned from their quickly-growing empire, and how they use humor to get where others dare not tread.

But before we even get into that, Jacqueline mourns Ben's absence with a single guest co-host, Daniel Holzman, the chef/owner of the Meatball Shops in NYC. What have they learned about why they're single from reading Laura and Angela's book? Is it because they date within the food industry--or don't?! Is it because they have sex too soon, are too picky, or are just too awesome for the current mid-thirty-something dating pool?

Have a listen and find out.



"I would like to say, first of all, I love a good, smooth bald head." [13:10] – Laura Lane